The “proverbs 31” type of lady

Sister girl you must be Trippin’

Falling head over heels for a man who dont love you , you dont know God and dont wanna do either.Letting him wine and dine you , a price you pay for the divine,a modern day tale of casting pearls before swine. No wonder you figure out men are dogs – your brokeness , his neediness has brought you to this conclusion, to mind comes another solution- after all , meb are made in the image of God even if they’re delusional..


Godly , ambitious , educated brothers do exist; you just cant see them cos your vision is too twisted.Close your eyes and I’ll paint you a picture of a man who aint posted in clubs trying to get your number, who looks at your eyes and not your predictable others;who prays to God for his queen so he aint impressed w/ hair weaves,short skirt and superficial things. He knows a damsel doesnt come w/ a price tag on her tail but w/ a virtue in her heart- something he discovered while he was in his knees before got, not you.So you want a real man , a good man? Here’s what you do:

1.Button up that shirt , loosen up those pants.

2.Opt for stepping instead of the latest booty dance Kings dont rock crowns in crowns,for what?
They are more secured than that.Ask God what you need not your home girls.
And remember , you determine your self worth.Make necessary sacrifices even wen it hurts. And you’ll be a proverbs 31 woman.


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